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Staff Nutritionist, Keturah Swenson

As Nutritionist for CDA’s preschool centers, I regularly evaluate the quality of the meals we serve. I work closely with the centers to make sure that all of the children’s dietary needs are being met. I strive to ensure that we continually offer a variety of nutritious, delicious meals and snacks in our centers. This helps provide the children in our care with all the different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that they need not only to grow and develop normally, but to thrive. In addition, I work with the staff in adjusting our menu for children with food allergies or sensitivities, and I am available to offer guidance to parents upon request.

Healthy Meals

CDA participates on the Child and Adult Food and Nutrition Program (CACFP) which is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).   This program allows CDA to offer nutritious meals to your child each day. All meals are served family style and children learn to try new foods and make good food choices as teachers role model healthy eating habits. We involve children in the preparation of some meals, setting the tables and cleaning up afterwards. Mealtimes and snack times provide the opportunity to discuss proper manners, use of utensils, the origins of food, the wide variety of foods including different cultural groups and the importance of tasting different kinds of foods. Cooking projects are offered weekly to introduce new foods and to foster and promote cooperation, fine motor skills and exploring the world with their senses. Click here to see a sample menu.

The walls at CDA are covered with colorful creations and everywhere you look something is begging to be explored. In fact, my one complaint is it’s hard to get my daughter to come home- there’s so much she wants to do!

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How Do We Compare?

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