Child Development Associates, Inc. Corporate Office: 180 Otay lakes Road, Bonita, Ca 91902,  619-427-4411; fax 619-434-5323

safe and secure

“The staff is very detailed, organized, and approachable.  I have always felt welcome when I enter the Center and my questions and concerns have always been addressed.”

Please call 619-427-4411 x1400 or email us for enrollment information or to find out if you qualify for free or reduced cost preschool.


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How Do We Compare?

Check out how CDA’s standards compare with State licensing requirements.  Click here to learn more.

· CDA’s child to teacher ratio is among the best in the field with one teacher to every eight children.

· All staff references are carefully checked and fingerprints are taken for clearance before hiring.

· All staff members are Red Cross certified in CPR and First Aid.

· All staff members are required to have a health exam and tuberculosis clearance every two years.

· Tables are cleaned and disinfected with a cleaning solution before and after meals.

· Children are taught to wash their hands upon arrival, after toileting, before and after eating, and other appropriate times throughout the day.

· Children's resting mats are cleaned and sanitized weekly.

· Toys are sanitized weekly or as needed in order to decrease illness.

· Each child is given a health check as they arrive each day to ensure they are ready for the day’s activities and free from illness.

· A designated child pick up policy is carefully followed. Only persons authorized, in writing, by the parent, are allowed to pick up children. Identification is required if an adult is not recognized by the staff member.

· CDA maintains an accident insurance policy for each child enrolled at the center.

· CDA conducts monthly fire drills and quarterly earthquake drills.

· Emergency evacuation plans are in place and posted in each classroom.